19th Century ‘Police and Publicans’

Introduction Archival research is an essential tool for historical geographers who seek to think and write about places and people that have long since vanished. Effectively removed from their field sites, these academics are faced with the challenge of navigating documents in an effort to source relevant data while remaining extra critical of inherent subjectivity.

The Thames and Personalities

Despite the geography of London being defined by the iconic river running through the heart of the city, I believe, the Thames is often overlooked in cultural and historical significance. It once acted as London’s artery or oesophagus: sustenance entered it; sewage left through it; trade was centred on it; and transport passed along it.

Shoreditch Subcultures

In this essay I aim to use the metaphor of London as a body to describe how the evolution of Shoreditch evinces a confluence of time. In other words, I will describe how Shoreditch was molded by the subcultures that defined it and was transformed from a no-body, an impoverished industrial centre, to a some-body,