19th Century ‘Police and Publicans’

Introduction Archival research is an essential tool for historical geographers who seek to think and write about places and people that have long since vanished. Effectively removed from their field sites, these academics are faced with the challenge of navigating documents in an effort to source relevant data while remaining extra critical of inherent subjectivity.

The Portobello Road Community

The Portobello Road Community, as a palimpsest This paper demonstrates how the Portobello Road Community: its people and its spaces (from the period of the 1950- 2016) can be characterised as a palimpsest. In its simplest term, a palimpsest is something that has been altered over time but still bears visible traces of its earlier

Covent Garden as a Palimpsest

Considering Covent Garden as a palimpsest in London Covent Garden and specifically its central piazza and market halls form clear examples of a palimpsest in London. The closure and relocation of Covent Garden’s wholesale market trade in the 1970s catalysed Covent Garden’s transition from being an eminently localised space to a globally connected space. This

Dalston: Negotiating Borders

I. Introduction I embarked on this project as an exploration of Dalston’s landscape, believing that any environment presents to passersby a sensory narrative of place. To me, Dalston has a rich story lingering in its smellscapes and soundscapes, and I wanted to learn the area in a way that surpassed my visual impressions of the