Loft Living in King’s Cross

From Warehouses of Physical Capital to Warehouse of Knowledge Capital This palimpsest project will focus on the cultural, macroeconomic and planning changes in London which led to the obsolescence of manufacturing warehouses along the canals near Kings Cross, and their subsequent land use changes. Whilst they were previously sites of production for British manufacturing they

[Virtual] Reality as Palimpsest

Introduction This project is the result of reflections I have made over the course of the last four months, working as a bicycle courier for the restaurant delivery company Deliveroo. The focus is in the broadest sense an interrogation of how technology mediates, and is imbricated in our experience of space. Specifically through my experiences

Lamb’s Conduit Street

The Great Wen’s Antidote: The Value of Informal, Local Governance in London, and Why Lamb’s Conduit Street is Streets Ahead of the Capital A ‘Sportsperson’s Drinking Guide’ written for The Beaver forty years ago recommended LSE students visit Lambs Conduit Street for its pubs; the Rising Sun ‘is right outside Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital