How and why the changes in Balfron Tower exemplify the changes of Britain’s attitude towards social housing.

Brutalist architectures are concrete reminders of the post-WW2 period in Britain, when local government believed in the architecture of public housing to bring about social progress. Brutalist architects stepped in to support the recovery of Britain by designing and constructing social housing estates such as Balfron Tower [image 1] in London. Although the exterior of

Rye Lane as a site of consumption

Introduction The site I have chosen for my palimpsest project is Rye Lane(RL) located in the London borough of Southwark. It is through this site that I intend to explore the theme of consumption. Consumption is traditionally understood as the “purchase, use and reuse of goods” (Campbell,1995:104). However, in this essay I intend to go

Shoreditch Subcultures

In this essay I aim to use the metaphor of London as a body to describe how the evolution of Shoreditch evinces a confluence of time. In other words, I will describe how Shoreditch was molded by the subcultures that defined it and was transformed from a no-body, an impoverished industrial centre, to a some-body,

The Portobello Road Community

The Portobello Road Community, as a palimpsest This paper demonstrates how the Portobello Road Community: its people and its spaces (from the period of the 1950- 2016) can be characterised as a palimpsest. In its simplest term, a palimpsest is something that has been altered over time but still bears visible traces of its earlier

Dalston: Negotiating Borders

I. Introduction I embarked on this project as an exploration of Dalston’s landscape, believing that any environment presents to passersby a sensory narrative of place. To me, Dalston has a rich story lingering in its smellscapes and soundscapes, and I wanted to learn the area in a way that surpassed my visual impressions of the