Community Responses to Infrastructure Projects in Notting Dale

The history of Notting Dale has been characterised by multiple large-scale infrastructure projects. Each development has inflicted acute destruction of physical space and necessitated a renegotiation of everyday life; but has also led to the creation of new communities and places, and generated senses of community through opposition to state neglect. This project therefore seeks

The Underground as Body

‘London as body’ “Some people think London is one thing and the underground is another, but in fact the underground is London. It’s the only thing holding it together.” – (Andrew Martin, 2000). The Underground is one of the most valuable, fundamental spaces in London. Just like the veins in our body, without which our

The Royal London Hospital

I always bring my books to hospital appointments. Or my readings. The words are meant to distract from the bright white paint, the arguments at the reception desk, the rattling wheelchairs, the supportive relatives; but they rarely work. Instead, I sit and watch people experiencing the same building, rooms and walls in completely different ways.