The Whittington Stone, interpreting migration to London.

An Introduction to Representation The concept of representation has become more relevant than ever (Hall, 1997). With the earth’s digital capabilities expanding as our attention spans are simultaneously contracting, symbols have come to occupy a vital space in society (McSpadden, 2015). Indeed, symbolic objects have become increasingly valuable in both the rapid dissemination of information

The statue of William Beckford, Guildhall.

The statue of William Beckford (1709-1770) stands in the Guildhall, London. Beckford is “flanked by the allegorical figures of Britannia and Commerce” (Dresser, 2007: 174), portrayed as an upholder of civil liberties. This representation, however, is filled with ironies. Despite Beckford’s depiction as libertarian whilst MP for London and Lord Mayor of London, the evidence