Social housing: dystopia or utopia? A study of Finsbury, London.

Finsbury is “crammed with history, not the history of kings and statecraft, but of the ordinary lives of ordinary people” (Tames, 1999: 7). Finsbury’s origins lie in hosting activities forbidden within the City walls. In the nineteenth and early twentieth-century poverty and overcrowding defined the area. In the twentieth-century, however, Finsbury council sought to transform

[Virtual] Reality as Palimpsest

Introduction This project is the result of reflections I have made over the course of the last four months, working as a bicycle courier for the restaurant delivery company Deliveroo. The focus is in the broadest sense an interrogation of how technology mediates, and is imbricated in our experience of space. Specifically through my experiences

Herne Hill Velodrome

Herne Hill is one of the most significant sites for the history of British Cycling. A feature in two Olympic games, and host of many world and national champions, the track is imbued with the memories of the past cycling glories. Despite the remnants of phantasmagoria among those who know of the track’s history, the