The Cenotaph: Imperial Artefact

The Cenotaph is a war memorial that stands between Trafalgar Square and Westminster. Originally temporary in structure, since 1920 it has been a permanent fixture of the London topography. Located near other imperial structures such as Nelson’s Column and Admiralty Arch, and set locally to the Houses of Parliament, the Cenotaph is itself an imperial

Nelson’s Column: Imperial Artefact

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries urbanism within London and London’s architecture was shaped by the actions of imperialism, with the cultural implications of this still being experienced today (Gilbert and Driver, 2000). Constructed in 1843, Nelson’s column as an artefact reflects the decadence of the British Empire. Today, the column itself and

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

In what ways does Cosgrove and Jackson’s (1987) re-theorised cultural geography allow us to view the meanings attached to ‘deathscapes’, such as Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, as being inherently drawn from past power relations in their creation and maintenance? Too often we allow our journeys to take place without engaging with the ways that past