The statue of William Beckford, Guildhall.

The statue of William Beckford (1709-1770) stands in the Guildhall, London. Beckford is “flanked by the allegorical figures of Britannia and Commerce” (Dresser, 2007: 174), portrayed as an upholder of civil liberties. This representation, however, is filled with ironies. Despite Beckford’s depiction as libertarian whilst MP for London and Lord Mayor of London, the evidence

Being a Cockney

This research project aims to consider whether culture coupled with cultural production are results of the Palimpsestuous layering of a range of different factors including immigration and cultural consumption to break down the identity of the East Enders, both past and contemporary. The East End is the area on which I will base my exploration


The small flagship store of Twinings at 216 Strand of London is often overseen by its surrounding, tall and modern buildings. However, originally founded by Thomas Twinings in 1706 as a coffee house, this small tea house has a history of over 300 years. In fact, the history of Twinings is deeply rooted in the