LSE’s curation of the legal struggle for gay rights.

Introduction To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, the London School of Economics (LSE henceforth), held a library exhibition designed to document the legal struggle for equality ( and developments since this piece of legislation. This exhibition brought to light the absent past of LGBT movements (Burke, 2004, pp. 74-99

How have the recent histories of Soho and the surrounding areas been shaped by those defined in history as queer women

‘She loved these walks through London…it was a tingle, something electric, something produced as if by the friction of her shoes against the streets.’- The Paying Guests, p36 In 2017, the Tate Britain held an exhibition, entitled ‘Queer British Art’. Whilst this sounded like a fantastic exploration of all forms of queerness, and their relation

Shoreditch Subcultures

In this essay I aim to use the metaphor of London as a body to describe how the evolution of Shoreditch evinces a confluence of time. In other words, I will describe how Shoreditch was molded by the subcultures that defined it and was transformed from a no-body, an impoverished industrial centre, to a some-body,